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What to bring

Lipe is a remote island that until just a few years ago had very few facilities. Now Lipe has grown in leaps and bounds. There are many shops and boutiques on the island and you do not need to bring anything here except for personal items. We have a new school, new clinic, a small navy base and many new resorts and restaurants.
You can now buy clothes, use high speed internet, get a Thai massage, shop for souvenirs, book your onward travel, use your cell phones to make calls anywhere, etc. One thing we don't have is a drug store so you should be sure to bring your medications with you.
Make sure to bring light weight clothes for the hot season and warm clothes for the rainy season. If you come in the rainy season it is advised that you bring an umbrella or rain coat. You can become chilled very quickly if you are wet. Be sure to bring swim suits, sunscreen, insect repellent, medications, C-cards and log books for diving.


There are restaurants at every resorts as well as many new restaurants all over the island. They serve a variety of types of food from Thai to foreign foods. There are many seafood restaurants on the island but as divers you should be aware that even though we are in the middle of a National Marine Park the locals still catch fish on the islands reefs and sell them to you the tourist. If you are concerned about saving our fast disappearing fish then please enquire if they have caught the fish fresh or if it has come from the fish farms on the mainland. If it is has come from the local reefs tell them sorry and try a different restaurant. Only if you the tourist complain and refuse to use their restauant will they finally stop fishing on the local reefs. Let's face it most divers would rather see the fish in the ocean than on their plates.


The costs of accommodation on Ko Lipe are varied depending on what they offer. Almost all of the bungalows come with a bathroom and toilet. Prices in Thai baht range from 500 baht per night (for a simple bamboo bungalow) up to 30,000 baht per night for the new five star resorts..

Things to do

Lipe island is in the midst of a national park and you will be sure to have a wonderful time exploring the shores and reefs of the many islands that surround Lipe. You can walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, walk inland to see the plants and animals or you may go snorkeling on our many pristine coral reefs. We offer the ultimate in sports - SCUBA DIVING. You can learn to dive from a PADI Instructor or you can be guided on an amazing underwater adventure with one of our divemasters.


Lots of internet cafes are available on Koh Lipe. Standard price is 3 Baht per minute, the high price is due to the remoteness of the island.

Local Weather

The best time for island hopping around Tarutao Park is from mid - October to the end of August. September to mid - October is the west monsoon season and there are a few days that boats cannot leave from the islands or mainland due to stormy conditions. The boats used nowadays are much bigger and more powerful than boats of just a few years ago and they can travel in rougher seas than the smaller versions used up until a few years ago.
Accommodation is always available on the smaller island of Lipe but the Park offices at Tarutao and Adang islands are closed to visitors from May to November. Remember that when you are on an island if the waves are big on one side you can always go to the opposite side of the island to swim in calm seas. The same goes for diving and canoeing. If you are a wind surfer or sailor and your looking for wind, then stay to the west of the islands during the months of June to December and to the east side from the months of January to May for the best winds.
Temperature wise: January to May are the hottest months. Daytime temperature of 30 - 38C in the shade and 25 - 30C at night.
June to September is much milder with temperatures in the daytime of 28 - 35C and night time temperatures from 22 - 25C.
October to December are our coolest months with daytime temperatures from 25 to 30C and night time temperatures from 20 - 25C.


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