How to get to Koh Lipe

We are located on Ko Lipe. Lipe island is located in Tarutao Marine National Park just a kilometer south of Ko Adang. Here are the easiest ways to get to Lipe from the following points:

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From Bangkok:

By air - There are 5 - 7 flights daily depending on the time of year. Flights depart Bangkok and arrive at Hat Yai international airport. Take a taxi or van to the city center. From Hat Yai you have many choices of buses, mini vans, and taxis to Pak Bara pier for departure to Lipe Island. Hat Yai is the largest city in southern Thailand and it is your best point for transit to and from Lipe. See our website for arrival and departure points for buses, vans and taxis.
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By bus - There are buses leaving from the brand new Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Hat Yai ans Satun daily. There are day buses and overnight sleeper buses. The trip times depend on the quality of the bus and the number of stops it makes along the way. Overnighters take about 11- 12 hours to make the trip. Day buses from 12 - 15 hours. Check the bus station or the bus companies for departure times and current prices. There are non-air-conditioned buses and everything up to VIP buses with only 24 seats. Very comfortable and all for just a few dollars more. Furthermore, there are 2 buses daily from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Satun passing by Langu at 07:00 AM and 19:00 PM. Please check their websites for more up to date information as to departure times and prices.

By train - There are 5 trains daily from Bangkok to Hat Yai. The train leaves from the Hualampong Station in central Bangkok. The trip takes at least 16 hours to reach Hat Yai and then you must go to the piers by road. Check the rail station for current times and rates of different services. They offer open air coaches right up to air-conditioned overnight sleeper cars.
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From Trang, Krabi, Ko Lanta and Phuket :

By bus - There are air conditioned buses leaving from Phuket and stopping in Krabi, Trang Langu and Satun. They depart daily from Phuket at 08:15 AM, 10:15 AM and and 14:50 PM and arrives at Langu at 15:00, 17:00 PM and 02:00 AM. There are also local no air conditioned buses leaving throughout the day. Please check with the bus company for the latest prices and schedules.

By taxi - You can take a taxi from Trang or Krabi to Pak Bara. From Trang it is about 500 baht to Pak Bara. From Krabi to Pak Bara is about 1,200 baht. This price is per car not per passenger. You must negotiate the price with the drivers. Prices are changing often due to changing fuel prices so please don't be surprised if they are asking more or maybe even less than is shown here.

By boat - Check with Bundhaya Resort in Lipe for the latest updates on departure times as well as prices.

Bundhaya Resort Boat

From Surathani, Ko Samui and Ko Tao:

By bus - From Ko Samui you can catch the bus directly to Hat Yai. From Ko Tao make your way to Ko Samui to catch the bus or go to Surathani and take a bus, van or taxi to Hat Yai where you will have to switch to another bus, taxi, or minivan to Pak Bara pier in Satun province.


From Malaysia and Singapore:

You can take the North-South Expressway to the Sadao Border crossing and then come to Hat Yai. From there you can follow the highway signs going to Phattalung. Take the junction to Rathapum and Satun and follow the signs to Pak Bara. Or you can go through Kangar to the border crossing at Wang Prachan, Thailand and then onto Pak Bara. This is much shorter than going through Hat Yai by car.

The new speed boats leaving from Pak Bara this year carries up to 60 people and will make the trip in less than 11/2 hours.

Make sure that you keep your eyes open for whale sharks and dolphins, which are spotted on a regular basis on the way to Lipe.