Scuba Diving in Ko Tarutao Marine National Park with Sabye Sports on Koh Lipe

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Description Low Season Mid Season High Season Peak Season

Sept 2- 12, Sept 17 - Oct. 11, 2012

Sept 2- 12, Sept 17 - Oct. 11, 2013

Oct 12 - Nov. 2, 2012

May 8- Aug. 7, Aug 14 - 29

Oct 12 - Nov. 2, 2013

Nov. 3 - Dec 19, 2012

Feb 18 - Apr 3, Apr 23 - May 3

Nov. 6- Dec 19, 2013

Dec 20, 2012 - Feb 17, 2013 , Apr 4 - 22

May 4 - 7, Aug. 8 - 13, Aug 30 - Sept 1

Sept 13 - 16, Nov. 3 - 5, Dec 20-31, 2013


 & Rental Rates

2 dives per day (incl. equipment) 1950  2400 2700 3000
3 dives per day (incl. equipment) 2600 3200 3600 4000
Snorkeling trip per day 1300 1600 1800 2000
Kayak trip per day 1625 2000 2250 2500
Stand up paddle board / hour 97.5 120 135 150
Windsurfing board / hour 97.5 120 135 150


Bungalow 1 Bungalow 2 Bungalow 1 Bungalow 2 Bungalow 1 Bungalow 2 Bungalow 1 Bungalow 2
Double occupancy/person 1625 1950 2000 2400 2250 2700 2500 3000
Single occupancy 1950 2600 2400 3200 2700 3600 3000 4000
Extra occupant same bed 390 390 480 480 540 540 600 600
Extra bed 390 390 480 480 540 540 600 600
All rooms come with hot showers, ceiling fans, refrigerator, water cooler, large decks to relax on, king size beds, couch, chairs, 50 inch LCD or Plasma TV & sound system & screened windows & doors.


All dive courses (except Divemaster) include equipment rentals, manuals, dive tables and certification with PADI International and PADI Asia Pacific.  (Does not include PADI membership for Divemaster Course)
The Divemaster Course also includes the Diving Knowledge Workbook and the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving.
Discover Scuba Diving ( 1 dive) 2295 2430 2565 2700
Discover Scuba Diving ( 2 dives) 3145 3330 3515 3700
Scuba Review ( 1 dive) 1700 1800 1900 2000
PADI Scuba Diver 10200 10800 11400 12000
Open Water Diver 11900 12600 13300 14000
Adventure Dive 1700 1800 1900 2000
Advanced Open Water 10200 10800 11400 12000
Rescue Diver 11900 12600 13300 14000
Dive Master 30600 32400 34200 36000


Standard Rental Prices not dependant on Season Rental & Services Discounts
Mask 50   Diving 3 Day Rate 5% Discount
Fins 50   Diving 6 Day Rate 10% Discount
Snorkel 50   Diving 9 Day Rate 15% Discount
Life Jacket or Snorkeling Vest 50   Diving 12+ Day Rate 20% Discount
Wet Suit 175   Bungalow 7 Days 5% Discount
Buoyancy Compensator 300   Bungalow 14 Days 10% Discount
Regulator 300   Bungalow 1 Month 15% Discount
Full Dive Package 700   Bungalow 6 Months 20% Discount
Underwater Camera 1000  
Underwater Propulsion Vehicle 800  
Knife 80  
Torch/Lamp 100
All equipment rental rates are per day not per use. All equipment must be returned in the same condition it was rented. The renter is fully responsible for any loss, damage or overdue charges. Equipment is to be returned clean. SCUBA Equipment is not to be loaned to or used by non-divers.


DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: If you are unsure as to whether you will like diving then this is the course for you. You will receive some classroom instruction and then you will learn the basics of diving in shallow water. When you and your Instructor are comfortable with your performance you will go on a dive that does not exceed 10 meters (33 feet) in depth. This course requires just 1/2 day of your time.

PADI SCUBA DIVER: If you are someone that is planning on always diving with an Instructor or Divemaster then this course is all you need to get into some great adventures underwater. The course consists of 3 classroom sessions, 3 shallow water-training sessions and 2 open water dives taken over 2 days. You will then be certified to dive under the supervision of an Instructor or Divemaster. If you wish to dive with someone other than an Instructor or Divemaster you can easily upgrade to Open Water Diver.

OPEN WATER DIVER: This is PADI's most famous dive course. Millions of people have learned how to dive with this three-day course. You will receive classroom sessions, shallow water-training sessions and 4 open water dives. After you have successfully completed all parts of the course you will be certified to dive with a buddy in similar conditions as to the ones experienced in your course..

ADVENTURE DIVER: Once you have learned how to dive with the Open Water Course then you will want to start learning what to do with your diving. With adventure diver you will learn how to put your diving to use by learning how to navigate underwater, dive deeper, and on your 3rd dive you can choose whatever type of diving you are interested in. See the Advanced Diver Course below for choices.

ADVANCED DIVER: Once you have finished Open Water Diver you can go directly to Advanced Diver and start to put those basics you learned to good use. This course continues where Adventure Diver left off. You will get a total of 5 dives. The first 3 are the same as the Adventure Diver and 2 more of your choice. You can choose from Night, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Altitude, Boat, Search and Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Multi-level, Underwater Photography, Underwater Hunter and Research Diver.

RESCUE DIVER: Every diver should know what to do if an emergency should happen. The Rescue course not only teaches you how to handle an emergency it teaches you how to prevent those problems from arising. You will receive classroom sessions and you will then participate in in-water training that covers 12 scenarios. This is not only one of the most informative courses that PADI has but it is also one of the most fun as students take turns in being both victims and rescuers.

DIVEMASTER: If you are interested in becoming a PADI professional and making your living having fun diving, or if you are just interested in expanding your knowledge of diving then the Divemaster course is what you are looking for. This course builds on the knowledge that you acquired in the Advanced, First Aid and Rescue courses and teaches you how to work with instructors and how to organize, plan and guide customers on diving trips. This course will also help prepare you for becoming a PADI Instructor.

SPECIALTY DIVER: At Sabye Sports we also teach many specialty courses. If you are interested in taking a Specialty Course please contact us and we will let you know prices and time involved in each specialty that we teach.

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