About us

Sabye Sports was Lipe Island's first professional dive shop. It is owned and operated by PADI Master Instructor Barry Modler, who came here from Canada in February 1998. Sabye Sports is dedicated to providing high quality dive trips and dive instruction to small groups. Our boat is limited to ten customers and we have two boatmen and 2 dive staff to look after your needs. Barry has more than 20 years experience working in the dive industry and thousands of dives in experience. Barry was one of the first divers to identify most of the recreational dive sites around the Butang Archpelago (where Lipe is located) and he is credited with finding the "Yong Hua" - a 75 meter long steel hulled fish processing boat that caught on fire and sank just a few years before he arrived on Lipe.

After starting his shop on Pattaya Beach on the south side of Lipe, Barry decided that Sunset Beach was a more appropriate place for a high quality dive center. We have calm waters during the main tourist season and a beautiful white sandy beach in front of our dive shop . Just off shore is a colorful house reef with hard and soft corals, barracudas, groupers, jacks and a myriad of small colorful reef fish.

Barry has always tried to be an evironmentally friendly dive center and he has initiated many "green" projects around his dive shop. He installed the first septic tank system on the island when he built his new shop. The dive shop and attached bakery have always recycled aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard. We reuse our glass from bottles by mixing it in with concrete when building any new projects. We also compost all of our waste from our restaurant and bakery. Sabye Sports employs local Urak Lawoi (sea gypsys) to take our divers out to the dive sites. We use a large longtail boat that has been modified to accommodate divers. One of these large longtail boats uses about 2 litres of diesel fuel per hour compared to 50-60 liters of gasoline per hour per engine for speed boats and 50 liters or more per hour for the large dive boats. Sabye Sports is also a member of Green Fins. Green Fins works with Phuket Marine Biological Center to monitor fish and corals on our reefs. If you like you can be part of the survey and help us to monitor the reefs while you are diving with us.